The Danish Cabinetmakers Association - Unfolds


The Danish Cabinetmakers Association - Unfolds
The Danish Cabinetmakers Association Is celebrating its 25 year anniversary with the exhibition UNFOLD. An exhibition showing and demonstrating the essence and pleasures of high quality craftsmanship by allowing the viewer to touch, unfold and try out the work on show.
Together with my colleague Søren Risvang I created the nested tables "THIN". The tables, were the beginning of my quest for ultra thin dimensions in solid wood. The idea of the tables began with my collaboration with Cabinetmaker Søren Risvang. I worked with him on a very accurate CNC milling machine and tried to fine tune it like a Japanese hand planer. We challenged the limit of how thin and delicate we could make a construction in solid wood. The tables are made of six frames with mitred corners. The rounded inside corners strengthens a weak part of the construction and distributes the forces evenly.
The minimal size of the structure and the glass top gives a lightness and transparency. The nesting of the three tables repeats the shape and enhances their sculptural character.

Designed by okayokay