SE20 - Illusion


SE20 - Illusion
SE20 - the annual Cabinetmakers' Autumn Exhibition 2020
This year located in the parterre flower garden in Tivoli park, Copenhagen

The Exhibition was titled ILLUSIONS giving the members free reins to dream and to engage in broad, abstract interpretations in an interplay with the concrete setting in Tivoli's Parterre Gardens.

Air Bee n' Bee

My contribution to the exhibition was a Bees hotel called Air bee n' bee. If you think about how many living creatures that live on our planet, it may seem a little strange that it's so incredibly rare that we create any design that improves the lives of other living beings than humans. For this year's SE exhibition, I have followed a trend that is currently underway to create bee hotels that are good nesting boxes for wild bees.

My contribution is more of a luxury hotel, as I think that other beings also occasionally deserve the same luxury that we humans surround ourselves with. The hotel is created in teak, mahogany, walnut and oak and it has a choice of room sizes for different species of wild bees. Each guest has its own private entrance in front of the hotel.

The geometric pattern appeals to the bees' own hexagonal universe and the composition of the wooden blocks makes it easier to clean the rooms after use.  The hotel can be adjusted on its round pillar according to orientation of the sun and it can be placed close to the flowers that the bee guests like best.

The theme of the SE 2020 exhibition was "Illusion" and with this hotel I have used the different colour of wood to create a geometric illusion that has been used for centuries in architecture, art and cabinetmaking.

Photographer Egon Gade Artwork and Tivoli

Designed by okayokay