SE15 - Petite - Paris


SE15 - Petite - Paris
The Annual Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition 2015
This year located at Maison du Danemark in Paris

Petite as in refined and elegant. Petite because the elegant and refined expression forms an ambitious point of departure for the designers and manufacturers who make up the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition. Petite because the French connection is the theme for this year’s exhibition.

With the imagery inherent in the word ’petite’, this year’s exhibition title, Petite – small elegant furniture, has historical links back to the French architect behind Øregaard Museum, Joseph-Jacques Rameè, who introduced a simpler, French-inspired classicism in Denmark, as well as forward in time to Paris and Maison du Danemark, which the exhibition visits next.

Øregaard Museum, which we visit as the first venue for this year’s exhibition of experimental furniture, was created as the summer residence of a wealthy family. Thus, despite the grandiose style, the building is permeated by a homely feel. On a human scale, it has room to embrace this year’s 45 petite, innovative furniture designs. Later this year, Petite – small elegant furniture travels to Maison du Danemark in the French capital to round off the French theme in style.

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