SE14 - Textility - Danish Royal Academy


SE14 - Textility - Danish Royal Academy

The Annual Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition 2014

This year located at the Danish Royal Academy and afterwards at the Stockholm Furniture Fair.

The Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2014 – Textility – furniture inspired by a textile universe focuses on textiles in an endeavour to challenge the classic notion and use of upholstery, enhance the awareness of the technological development potential of textiles and rediscover the sensuous and aesthetic capacity of textiles. This year’s exhibition thus reconsiders and experiments with the partnership between furniture and textiles by presenting the members’ new furniture designs in a cross-field of material contrasts striking a fine balance between design and crafts.

Laptop - Sofa

To me, textile is a material that provides comfort, tactility and colour. I like working with textiles in connection with wood, where one clearly senses a separation between wood and fabric and their individual properties, even though they have a formal cohesion.

When working at home it can be nice to find an alternative and more relaxing way to sit and still being able to use the computer for entertainment or e-mails. This sofa provides you with a working  surface in each side and an extra surface underneath it.

Using traditional ways of construction and materials I have designed a sofa with a big working surface on the each side.

Designed by okayokay