SE12 - Sculptural furniture


SE12 - Sculptural furniture

The Annual Cabinetmakers Autumn Exhibition 2012

This year located at The Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen.
This year, the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition pitches the colour black as the thematic guide for the members’ experimental furniture. ‘Pitch Black – shadows and transparency’ is the title of the exhibition, which revolves around contrasts.
I exhibited The THIN tables which was a collaboration between me and my colleague cabinetmaker Søren Risvang. THIN is a set of nested tables was made in Rosewood with glass tops and a small handmade profile on the inside of the frames.

Hexagon Chair

This chair was designed for this exhibition in dialogue with the beautiful sculptures a by Mr. Bertel Thorvaldsen at Thorvaldsens Museum in Copenhagen. I was inspired by the geometric pattern floors at Thorvaldsen's museum and used ancient Greek mathematics to construct a lounge chair. The shell is an exact section of one of Archimedes' basic mathematical shapes (Truncated Octahedron).

Designed by okayokay