Japan - Part I


Japan - Part I
This was my first trip to japan. It was supported by the Gurli and Paul Madsen foundation and many other funds. The main goal was to visit a lot of craftsmen and to work in several Japanese companies for three months.
The first company I worked with for one month, was Nakamura Komuten - a famous Tea house building company in Kyoto. I helped building a cabinet for one of their wonderfull houses and studied intensely on all the intricate joinery that the master carpenters made. One weekend I also visited the Takenaka museum of woodworking tools.

Kobayashi sensei was a great mentor for me, since I had never tried to use Japanese tools before.
This is one of many joints that Kobayashi sensei brought to me to study.
The house in Kyoto where I stayed with my wife when I worked at Nakamura Komuten.

Flea market with woodworking tools in Kyoto
Takenaka museum for woodworking tools
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