Japan - Part II


Japan - Part II
This was my second trip to japan. It was supported by the Gurli and Paul Madsen foundation and many other funds. The goal was to visit a lot of craftsmen and to work in several Japanese companies for three months.
In Kanazawa I worked with Mr. Norio Fukushima for the second time, focusing on learning the Kumiko crafts. In Asahikawa I visited all the interesting woodworking companies and small workshops. In Takayama I made a slide show for the woodworking students at Takumi Juuku.

Mr. Norio Fukushima's workshop
Mr. Daimon's workshop in Asahikawa
Takumi Kogei furniture company in Asahikawa
Bird maker Hayami Kenji in Hokkaido
Woodworking school Takumi Juuku in Takayama
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