Come Again


Come Again
Come again - exhibition @danishcraftsanddesign Officinet in Copenhagen

The exhibition was called “Come again” and focuses on upcycling and explores how designers and artisans use recycling and upcycling in their work production. 17 praticioners are put together in an aesthetically and narratively diverse exhibition that shows the breadth of Danish craftsmanship and design at its best.

The "EBANO" cabinet is a homage to precious woods, which we should treat with the utmost respect. We should only use them for the finest cabinetmaking products, and we should not allow anything to go to waste. My project sprang from a box full of scraps of ebony that I have from a cabinetmaker who had been saving them for decades, but never got round to using them. The scraps were cut off the trunks when they were roughly cut into regular shapes decades ago in the forest by workers using axes and power saws.

Designed by okayokay