This exhibition was initiated in the 10 years anniversary of The Danish Cabinetmakers Association.
The concept of the exhibition was that all participants should create a wall cabinet of the same size an mounted in the same height. 11 cabinets were made for the exhibition.
The first venue of the exhibition was at Design Museum Denmark in Copenhagen in November 2002. In January 2003 the exhibition was shown at Trapholt Art museum in Kolding and in may 2003 the exhibition moved to Form/Design Center in Malmø Sweden. in 2005 the cabinets were shown in Oslo Norway and in 2006, 10 of the cabinets were shown at the Deloraine crafts fair in Tasmania.
I created a cabinet that is dedicated to the Danish poet Mr. Dan Turell and contains all the litterature by the poet available when the cabinet was made. I used my intuitive impressions of Mr. Dan Turell after having read many of his books and different biographies about him. Mr. Dan Turell’s knife sharp appearance was transformed into the precise black outer shape of the cabinet.
The inside of the cabinet is inspired of the white pages of the book Karma Cowboy. Mr. Dan Turell’s characteristic handwriting is blown up in size and made as intarsia inlay. The ornaments on the speakers are some of Mr. Dan Turell’s favourite images. The cabinet also contains a mini bar, a CD player and a drawer with black nail polish and a chillum.

Trapholt Art Museum Kolding

Form/Design Center in Malmø Sweden

Tasmania, Deloraine Crafts Fair

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